Over two days, La Station – Gare des Mines will host a full complement of artists representing the vibrancy of the Toronto scene, co-presented with the Long Winter Music and Arts Festival, a singular conduit to Toronto’s musical undergrounds.

By turns euphoric, blistering, venomous and spiritual, the guest artists — some of them performing in France for the first time — remind us that sounds are moving just as quickly and powerfully on the other side of the Atlantic!

September 20



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(Live — rock — FR)

Toxic melodies and ferocious grace: Jessica93 diffuses a coldwave that one might even call glacial; his hypnotic, aggressive melodies form a dark, abyssal take on amplified music. He is currently in residence at La Station – Gare des Mines’s studio.


Fucked Up

(Dj — CA)

Jonah Falco and Mike Haliechuk have played in the Canadian punk/hardcore activist band Fucked Up since 2001. They're (in)famous for their discography, which is largely composed of 7" EPs and split singles. Their latest release is 2018's Dose Your Dreams, on Merge Records, a 18 track opus that oscillates wildly from pummeling hardcore punk, to electro, to krautrock, disco, doo-wop, psyche rock and back again. Their DJ sets incorporate all of these influences and more, and from 2010-2012 they ran the popular "Make Me Yours" DJ nights in Toronto, where they focused on northern soul, girl-group and 70s power pop. Both are co-founders of the Long Winter Festival and remain actively involved.



(Live — electro pop / expé — CA)

PHÈDRE is an experimental electronic duo from Tkaronto/Toronto, Canada. Currently, they create live high-bpm instrumental sets using sampling hardware and synthesizers. Their bass-heavy tracks pay tribute to club, breakbeat, jungle and techno. Expect fast music.


Buddy Records Dj

(Dj — FR)

Buddy Records is four boys in the wind who have been publishing punk misdeeds (Belmont Witch, En Attendant Ana...) since 2015.


Ice Cream

(Live — electro pop — CA)

Since 2014, Toronto duo Carlyn Bezic and Amanda Crist have been sending pulses through the underground as Ice Cream. One part DNA, one part 1999, with a live show that vibrates between cold stares and raw sensuality, Ice Cream are soundtracking a dance party for dark times. Their debut long player, Love, Ice Cream, was released on Bad Actors to critical acclaim. With Moog synthesizers, angry bass guitars, distorted drum machines, and the sly humour of their lyrics, they wrestled with what it means to be a woman in late capitalism. No wonder they’re frequent collaborators with some of Toronto’s most interesting musicians: Crist appears on both U.S. Girls albums Half Free and In a Poem Unlimited, Bezic lent her bass playing skills to Slim Twig's live band in support of his album Thanks for Sticking With the Twig, and both Crist and Bezic shred in Toronto “supergroup” Darlene Shrugg. Ice Cream are working towards the release of their new album in Fall 2019.


Edna King

(Live — electro — CA)

Robot-human vocals float above ambient synth textures, dissonant harmonies and filtered glitches punctuating rhythms driven into overdrive -- yet for all its electronic dynamism, Edna King's music flows with a markedly human emotional undercurrent. A classically trained pianist, King played keyboards and sang in Toronto synth-pop bands for several years before embarking on solo electronic production. She released her haunting debut EP, Pressurize, in 2016. Opening with pitch shifted, drawn out spoken word, the album eases into harmonic ethereal vocals and a faster pulse embedded in industrial noise and bass before concluding in a hypnotic fuzzed out wash of synth and voice. She's described the album as an audio diary of feelings and vulnerabilities, reaching out to emotionally connect with listeners who've stepped into its singular sphere. King is preparing for the release of her first LP, showcasing her newly developed material.


Joel Eel

(Dj — electro, indus — CA)

“According to various scriptures, love is apparently patient and kind -- but the scriptures didn’t dictate love taking place in various settings; such as a dancefloor. Joel Eel, however, has that covered -- within the hedonistic haze lies a sound that’s emboldened by its industrialized intimacy and a propulsive force pulling the strings. After an impressive 2017 that ranged from playing alongside Helena Hauff, Veronica Vasicka, Legowelt… the release of his debut album, Very Good Person -- the Korean-Canadian producer has his sights sets on delivering a slew of evocative, introspective new material.” -Mitch Strashnov, Newtype Rhythyms on Inverted Audio


Carin Kelly

(Dj — FR)

Carin Kelly is a multifaceted artist : Dj, resident on Rinse France, photographer and videographer. Influenced by Atlanta, Detroit, Bristol, London or Paris, her percussive djsets bring together drum n bass, hybrid techno, ghetto music and autotuned vocals.


New Fries

(Live — math rock — CA)

New Fries was formed in Toronto in 2013 by a group of seasoned musicians, visual artists, and performance artists (Tim Fagan, Jenny Gitman, Anni Spadafora, and Ryan Carley). The band was built on a spirit of discovery, not concerned with creating a particular sound and experimenting with a range of experiences of musicianship to create music. The alchemy of its members is best felt at a live show from the band's wild performativity and insistent sound. This sound is reminiscent of the emboldened groups that sprung from the downtown New York no-wave scene of the late 1970s and catalogued on ZE Records.


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