Over two days, La Station – Gare des Mines will host a full complement of artists representing the vibrancy of the Toronto scene, co-presented with the Long Winter Music and Arts Festival, a singular conduit to Toronto’s musical undergrounds.

By turns euphoric, blistering, venomous and spiritual, the guest artists — some of them performing in France for the first time — remind us that sounds are moving just as quickly and powerfully on the other side of the Atlantic!

September 21



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(Live — dance, pop — CA)

The recent social media furor surrounding US congresswoman and free-style dancer Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez illustrated that the spectacle of someone dancing without compunction can still ruffle the right (and alt-right) feathers. In which case, all hail the third album from Toronto’s ardent, art-dance sibling trio DOOMSQUAD. Due for release on Bella Union on May 2019, Let Yourself Be Seen is the most assertive, ambitious, groove-sodden declaration of intent yet from Trevor, Jaclyn and Allie Blumas: the sound of dancefloor believers and thinkers firing on all personal and political fronts, at a time when we need it most. “The dancefloor is our temple - the idea of the dancefloor as a utopian/protest space is the exact belief we carry with us.”


Scott Hardware

(Live — CA)

Scott Hardware est un musicien torontois dont le travail duel oscille entre house bien trempée et chant de crooner. Ses concerts intimistes l'ont fait tourner de Reykjavik à Moscou, aux côtés de Molly Nillson ou Xiu Xiu. "Méditation dance-pop sur le capitalisme et le queer" (d'après Vice), Hardware s'est associé au label Telephone Explosion pour son nouvel ambitieux album, Engel, entremêlant les thèmes de l'amour, de la maladie mentale et de la famille...


Matthew Progress

(Live — hip hop — CA)

Matthew Progress is a Toronto-based multi disciplinary artist who creates through the mediums of music, video and performance art. His music, inspired by Afro-futurism and spiritual ritual, blends the wordplay and charisma of traditional hip hop, with high bpm electronic dance production. Coming on the heels of his successful debut EP 'Slumber Magic War', Matthew is set to release a new project in late 2019.


Haviah Mighty

(Live — hip hop, r’n’b — CA)

Haviah Mighty didn’t need to change her birth name when she decided to dedicate her career to music. In fact, Mighty couldn’t be more accurate a word to describe the 26-year-old artist, named one of XXL’s 15 Toronto Rappers You Should Know in 2019. Raised in a musical household in Brampton, Ontario, Mighty started singing at the age of 4, rapping at 11, and producing at 15. Haviah has been releasing music independently since 2009. Haviah’s explosive live show, filled with in-your-face intensity and her fast, technical flows, has quickly developed her reputation as one to keep an eye on, earning her opening slots for acclaimed artists (Snoop Dogg!). Mighty recently released ‘13th Floor’, her most fully-realized project to date. Garnering overwhelming praise from Pitchfork, Haviah continues to carve out spaces that boldly defy gendered expectations for women in hip hop.


myst milano.

(Live — CA)

myst milano. is a multi-disciplinary artist who is a fixture in Toronto’s nightlife scene, providing dancefloors across the downtown core with fun, upbeat sets that always stay true to milano.’s punk roots. milano. is notorious for energetic live shows and big attitude that captivates audiences and leaves the room on fire. Whether filling the main floor of the AGO with House organs, creating waves at basement shows with explosive live sets (accompanied by their own production), or expressing themselves through visual art, myst milano. is armed with keen taste and a powerful voice.



(DJ — FR)

« A true child of UK funky, but also influenced by purely melodic music from shoegaze to trance, Sylvere produces his own take on Afro-tinged French club music with strong ties to the UK and labels like Sans Absence, Tobago Tracks and Trax Couture. » (Teki Latex).

His DJ sets range from UK funky to ballroom, grime, Afro house and even post-dancehall. With two Boiler Room sets under his belt, Sylvere has already performed at clubs and festivals across Europe.


DJ Sundae

(Dj — FR)

DJ, cratedigger, designer, and manager of the Idle Press label, Sundae approaches his art as a sensitive, open-minded collector with the power to soothe the soul. Far from yet another archivist releasing mixtapes, Sundae observes a thin red line that delimits the search for a certain rare, subtle and fragile beauty. With Julien Dechery, he released the lo-fi psych-folk compilation Sky Girl, which has since become essential listening. He also spins alongside Cosmo Vitelli on the NTS Radio show No Weapon Is Absolute.



(Dj — FR)

Opale is born in 2012 with the accession of Rocio (Paris/Madrid) to Sophia's (Paris) solo project, Playground. The musical affinity shared by the duo allowed Opale to quickly release its first album, L'incandescent. Opale has never stopped producing to satisfy its creative impulses. Invariably sensitive to the authenticity of their music, Opale gave itself full freedom in 2017 by creating its own label, Contemplative Recordings. Opale is back with a new EP, Eternelle Nostalgie, whose title evokes with great precision the feelings that these dreamy electronic walks provoke.


Atelier Ciseaux

(Dj — FR)

New pop geography, music for pizzas and weird things without labels.


Telephone Explosion

(Dj — CA)

"Extremely good vibes", broadcast by the guys behind Toronto's excellent label.


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