Fezz Stenton

After moving to Toronto in 2013, Fezz started his career in real-time visuals, lighting and projection mapping for events like the Foundry festival where he developed his craft with Artefact Creative setting a new bar for installation design at music events in Toronto.

Fezz has performed visuals for artists such as Juan Atkins, Four Tet and Nina Kraviz and Toronto’s Electric Island festival. And has animated custom content for artists like Grandtheft and Bad Bunny ( Xite Labs ).

Working as a creative lead for Young Offenders starting in 2014, he led design and excecution on video and lighting concepts for brands like Red Bull, Budweiser as well as TIFF’s Boombox events.

In 2015, Fezz joined Occupied VR as partner and Technical Director and became a key part of Occupied’s growth as they pushed the boundaries of what immersive VR and 360 ̊ video can do, leading to clients like Vice, Samsung and Lincoln.

He’s always interested in bleeding-edge technologies, breaking things, putting them back together and discovering something new. Using tools like Resolume Arena, Touch Designer, Unity 3D and Cinema 4D, he continues to explore new techniques with each project.