Heran Genene (UrDaughterXYZ)

Heran Genene (UrDaughterXYZ) is an immersive-tech afro-futurist artist. She navigates: space, time and cultures document, reflect and represent themes of existence in new and emerging realms. Her works invite you to BE, through play.Artist Statement:  With an auto-ethnographic consciousness; my art intends to reflect the times. The pieces or productions have an anthropological and existential essence. My art poses the questions; how do [I] exist in emerging virtual and digital mediums/realms? Furthermore, Who am [I] in them? Am [I] harnessing the autonomy to exist and express my self when engaging in them? My art exists across physical/digital/virtual dimensions and platforms, like: Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Zoom, Google Maps, 3D, 360 formats and beyond, but mostly in some integrated form. A large range of my work was born from a combination of hyper-conceptualizing and hyper-emotional intelligence...and may be described as Surrealist or Conceptual, at times. 

As it explores the Self, it necessarily includes the witness. The "conceptual" nature of my art permits its essence (i.e. the message) to be carried across mediums in an attempt to meet witnesses wherever they are, however they are.

Ultimately, my art seeks to be boundless of time, space and social construct, hence, "XYZ". 
The art was created via (and therefore best witnessed via) PLAY; a child-like, curious, non-judgmental, self-permitting and embodied approach. "