Karim Olen Ash

Club Quarantine

Karim Olen Ash is a Toronto born and raised DJ and multidisciplinary artist who has worked on numerous projects aimed at providing space for the BIPOC + LGBTQIA community. Through his event series 'Pep Rally' (along with Chippy Nonstop) Karim has been able to push Toronto underground music scene forward, bringing artists such as LSDXOXO, ACEMO, JADALAREIGN, and many more to Toronto. Karim is an emotive DJ whose sound can be described as the perfect balance between hard and soft with edges of sex and playfulness. Playing anything from house to techno and new club like Jersey and Ballroom, Karim’s vision hasn’t shifted: make people dance. Growing up surrounded by a rich spectrum of sound, Karim does not follow the constraints of genre and instead blends the world’s of old, new and unknown leaving audiences simultaneously familiar and curious.