Shn Shn

(programmed in partnership with STRANGEWAVES)

shn shn(she/her) is a queer Black electronic producer, singer-songwriter and creator based in Toronto, Canada. Her music is an ever-changing experience, bending genres as she brings experimental elements from electronic, ambient, world music, folk and pop into her practice. Her work allows exploration, contemplation, reckoning with duality and the spaces in between.

shn shn’s upcoming EP e.strange.d, follows her debut 2020 self-produced and released EP structura. e.strange.d is about being untethered and the full gamut of emotions that encompasses (the strangeness, liberation and the fear of the unknown). This album sounds like otherworldly electronic soundscapes, layered guitar riffs, pulsing percussion, spoken word poetry and stacked harmonies from her lush folksy voice. It features singles "maladaptive daydreams”, “taking time” and “divine".

Photo by Mashal