PANEL: Building and Sustaining DIY Performance and Cultural Spaces

Nov 26, 2021 | 19H10 - 19H55 (Pa)
1:10 - 1:55 p.m. (To)

With Natalia Bobadilla (ADAIR).

In our current landscape, creating DIY community spaces is difficult. Keeping them open is even harder. This panel features leaders in spaces around the world, on strategies for long-term opportunities.

Jesse McKee (221A)
Jesse McKee is a leader in the Culture Industries, a Curator of Contemporary Art and Design, and he is the Head of Strategy at 221A. 221A works with artists and designers to research and develop social, cultural and ecological infrastructure. There, he leads the Organization’s advancement, communications, research, and programming. The organization develops and operates 14 000 m2 of cultural-use commercial and residential real-estate across a portfolio of properties that are sub-tenanted according to a cost-recovery operating model. 221A’s artistic program hosts long-term Fellowships for artists and designers, as well as producing public realm art and design projects, and develops education and learning programs, which work with communities to improve the public amenities and reduce barriers at the organization’s cultural infrastructures and beyond. From 2019-24, McKee is the lead investigator on 221A’s Blockchains & Cultural Padlocks Digital Strategy, which is developing a digitally cooperative culture by “recommoning” land, data and objects.

CÉLIA COËTTE (Le Houloc - Soleil Nord Est)
Célia Coëtte is a multidisciplinary artist based in Paris. Since 2017, she's member of Le Houloc, a shared fine arts studio gathering 19 artists in the northern suburbs of Paris. In this context, she participates in Soleil Nord Est” work group that round up people and programme of independent places around Paris.

LINE GIGS (Collectif Mu)
Line Gigs works on the elaboration of experimental spaces with artists. Each of her proposals activates notions of neighborhood and cohabitation.

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