SESSION: Honouring Indigenous Stories

Nov 26, 2021 | 20H30-21H (Pa)
2:30 - 3:00 p.m. (To)

With Aqua .

Aqua will create a circle for us to learn together. She decolonizes the process of sharing, teaching, and receiving, touching on the land she currently inhabits and how she honours the mother we all share through ancient teachings, practices, and her expression of art. This circle will enlighten those who haven’t walked in a traditional world and connect those who have. All Nations, all genders, and all walks of life welcome.

Aqua Nibii Waawaaskone is a free spirit, interdisciplinary artist, and activist. Though she is a proud Anishinaabe Kwe~original life giver of the land, she is also of mixed ancestry; Anishnaabe Métis with Irish/Scottish, and French heritage and identifies as a 2Spirit genderless being. Through this difficult time Aqua has continued to perform her original medicine music as a solo artist and as the creator and lead singer of her IndigiBlues band, Red Rhthym & Blues. She provides a safe space in her sacred circles and performances so the community can grow together, stronger, forever as a whole, as music truly is the universal language of love.

This panel will both be broadcast virtually and streamed live from Lula Lounge in Toronto.

Lula Lounge is an accessible venue. If you have any questions about accessibility needs, please reach out to us at