Sou Sou


Sou Sou is a music + chat series, a community relief fundraiser, and an attempt to draw together the too-long siloed pieces of Toronto's music scene. Inspired by the spirit of Unit 2, Kapisanan, and Holy Oak, Sou Sou is a commitment to etching out safe and easy space for trying out new sounds and ideas. It all started in late-summer 2020 as a one-off break from isolation, but extended into a series of pitchy-patchy outdoor shows in Toronto parks and alleyways. At the moment, Sou Sou transitioned into a virtual conversation/performance series, hosting convos that include Beverly Glenn-Copeland/Jeremy Dutcher/Khadija Mbowe on Classical Music in Black and Indigenous Contexts and James Baley/Desiire/Paris Unltd/R Flex on the intersection of queer expression, songcraft and cultural heritage. More recently, we collaborated with the Toronto Outdoor Picture Show and REWIND/FORWARD to put on an outdoor screening hailing up all sides of the Dancehall sound and experiences. Through it all, Sou Sou has been purposefully mix-up. And, while the future of Sou Sou is still being imagined, it remains a shared intention of extending and opening up the Toronto music community to new parts of itself. For the Long Winter's 'Together Apart' series, we are so excited to showcase Tica Holiday's incredible soulful songwriting and voice.