Strangewaves is a DIY not-for-profit organization based in Hamilton that aims to showcase special, diverse, and experimental music and arts programming locally and in the surrounding region. Run by a team of artists and music lovers with a knack for experimentation, our goal is to keep things strange. Our tiny collective is devoted to organizing affordable and accessible events that exhibit diverse music and art. Everything from electronic, hip-hop, free-jazz, folk, punk, avant-garde, and classical music make it into our programming. We believe that artistic diversity generates greater audience inclusivity which fosters warmer spaces. Strangewaves is dedicated to celebrating talent and experimentation that pokes holes in the status quo. We have been known to throw two annual music festivals in the summer--Strangewaves and Strange Day at the Bay, as well as several shows throughout the year, most commonly at Strangebarn (RIP). We have not done anything really meaningful since Covid began, aside from helping focus our energies toward like-minded Hamilton-based organizations doing crucial work within our (not so) fine city.